NASA Sends Earth's Largest Refrigerator Magnet to NEEMO

An Interview With the NASA NEEMO 12 Crew and Their Mascot "Flat Gorby", Transcript, SpaceRef

Editor's note: On Wednesday I did a short (5 minute) live interview with the NEEMO 12 crew from their Aquarius underwater habitat. As the interview before mine was being conducted, I noticed something rather curious on one of the Aquarius webcams: someone inside Aquarius was fiddling with a giant refrigerator magnet - one that features a nearly life-sized dog. When I asked what this was I was told that it is called "Flat Gorby". "Gorby" is ISS Expedition 15 astronaut Suni William's dog. According to Williams official bio: she has "a crazy Jack Russell Terrier named Gorby". My wife and I have two cats. I understand. Apparently the NEEMO folks have been taking Flat Gorby wherever they go.

Make your own Flat Gorby magnet ( new 1.2 MB hi res image) - and send us a picture of where Gorby ends up around the world.

Reader note: "I just watched the ship to ship call between ISS and Aquarius on NASA TV, and they were talking about your Gorby article on NASA watch. Heide mentioned that they took a closeup photo of Gorby on the NEEMO fridge and sent it to JSC to answer your request."

Editor's note: I never reveal my sources .... woof

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