NASA's Communicators Are Not Communicating

Editor's note: Try opening this link to Communications Planning: on the NASA HQ Organizational Structure page. I can't seem to get it to work. I tried going to but that won't work either. Not a good sign for a "communications planning" page ... unless those to whom the communicating is to be done are not supposed to see the plans ...

Editor's update: sent me an email telling me that this is an internal website only. Duh. Silly me, I just clicked on a publicly available link on the publicly available NASA Headquarters home page. Here is an idea of what is actually on this page. They call this the "Communications Toolkit". It is obviously not ready for prime time (lots of "tools" are missing). I'd hide it too. I have stripped a lot images off - and many of the links do not work outside the NASA web portal (I guess). I'll bet that anything titled "Elements of a Compelling Story" on a NASA website must be a truly mesmerizing document ...

Editor's update: The link is now gone (at least as the public is concerned).

Editor's note: Here is an idea of what is on this page. I have stripped a lot images off. And many of the links do not work outside the NASA web portal.

Welcome to NASA!
What's Hot at NASA!
NASA & You!
Breaking News
Why We Explore
Top NASA Stories for 2006
Why the Moon and Mars
Major Speeches
FY08 Budget Rollout and Presentation
Ask the Administrator

Commercialization and NASA
What's Hot in Commercialization!
NASA Commercialization Plan (2006)
Top 20 New NASA Spinoffs
Space Technology Hall of Fame
Innovative Partnerships Program
Centennial Challenges
NASA Procurements US Map
NASA TechFinder
Advanced Concepts
The Space Report 2006

International Collaboration and NASA
What's Hot in International Collaboration!
The Importance of Collaboration

Welcome to NASA Education!
What's Hot in Education!
National ISS Education Lab Concept
Strategic Plan in Education

Management Excellence and NASA
What's Hot in Management Excellence!
NASA and The President's Management Agenda
OMB Performance Assessment
Integrated Enterprise Management
NODIS Library
ASK (Spring 2007)
Welcome to NASA Exploration Systems!
What's Hot in Exploration Systems!
Exploration Strategy and Architecture
Lunar Exploration Objectives (2006)
Space Animation

Welcome to NASA Science!
Welcome to NASA Earth Science!
What's Hot in Earth Science!
Earth Observatory
Global Change Master Directory
Welcome to NASA Space Science!
What's Hot in Space Science!
Planetary Photojournal
Hubble Servicing Mission

Speaker Tips and Checklist
Elements of a Compelling Story
Presentation Assets Library (PAL)
NASA Image of the Day Gallery
NASA Presentation Tool

     Congressional Hearings
Young Adults
     NASA Edge
     NASA Kids Club
     NASA Brain Bites
     Space Weather
     Student Opportunities with NASA Podcasts
NASA Podcasting
NASA Style Guide
Portal Affinity Kit

Societal Impact of Spaceflight (2006)
Environment - Air and Water Quality
Food (Agriculture, Aquaculture)
Transportation (Land, Air, Water, Space)
Consumer Goods/Services
Welcome to NASA Space Operations!
What's Hot in Space Operations!
Human Spaceflight Gallery
Human Spaceflight Transition Plan
ISS Safety Task Force Final Report
ISS Research
ISS Assembly Overview

Welcome to NASA Aeronautics Research!
What's Hot in Aeronautics Research!
National R&D Policy (2006)

NASA Headquarters
Ames Research Center
Dryden Flight Research Center
Glenn Research Center
Goddard Space Flight Center
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Johnson Space Center
Kennedy Space Center
Langley Research Center
Marshall Space Flight Center
Stennis Space Center

The Vision for Space Exploration
FY07 Budget Request Summary
A Renewed Spirit of Discovery
US National Space Policy (2006)
NASA Authorization Act (2005)
The NASA Strategic Plan (2006)
Space Act (1958)

Inside NASA
NASA News Summary
NASA History
This Month in Exploration
NASA Anniversaries
NASA Missions Event Archive
JPL's Space Calendar
Space at the National Academies

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