Bush Snubs Marshall

Where he didn't go, Huntsville Times

"But the Alabama visit was also noteworthy for what it didn't include. And what it didn't include was any public gesture to the fact that Huntsville is the home to Redstone Arsenal, a major U.S. Army research and development center, not to mention the fact that the arsenal also houses NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center."

Reader's earlier note: "Keith: Looks like President Bush is coming to Huntsville Thursday (6/21) for a visit! He's landing in Huntsville, AKA Rocket City, but going to the Browns Ferry nuclear facility to check out a broken down reactor. So much for supporting NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center! And, to top it off the Shuttle is landing the same day he arrives and I believe visiting Marshall would have spoken volumes in terms of his support for the space program. I think Griffin may have angered him about the global warming issue a couple of weeks ago. I noticed that on the White House web site you can't find much, if any, information on the New Vision. It appears to be another "slap in the face" for the vision..."

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