NASA IG Prepared Hearing Statement and Additional Exhibits Now Online

Prepared Statement by NASA Inspector General Robert Cobb 7 June 2007, NASA OIG

"That the [Presidents Council on Integrity and Efficiency] PCIE Chair determined the matter did not warrant referral to the White House and that NASA, in contemplating whether any action should be taken, would challenge conclusions of the IC is not surprising because the ICs negative conclusions do not withstand reasonable examination. This is fundamentally because the ICs [Integrity Committee] criticisms are not based on facts or law and are wrong. They are wrong as the result of an investigation flawed in design and execution and without respect for even the most basic notions of due process and fairnessor compliance with law and procedural requirements. [See Exhibit B for detail]"

Exhibits 7.3 Mb PDF (NASA OIG website)

[Exhibit H, pg. 3] "... this issue was raised by a Senator in a letter to the Administrator asking for an investigation of the IG; in the guise of a Senate oversight and presumably without the knowledge of the Senator, a NASA Langley employee detailed to the Senator's office began calling NASA OIG employees in the fall of 2005 to ask "do you have anything negative to say about the NASA IG"...."

Editor's note: Word has it that the "NASA Langley employee" mentioned here was Michael Dodson who, as a NASA LaRC employee, was detailed to work in Sen. Nelson's office. Dodson now works at KSC. Perhaps Dodson can shed a little light as to how this investigation by Sen. Nelson's office was conducted ...

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