Preaching to the Choir

Comments by NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale before the Colorado Space Coalition Biannual Congressional and Industry Roundtable

"Regardless of who flies to the Moon and beyond, space exploration would not move forward without Colorado. Colorado has the Nation's third-largest space economy in terms of employment. More than 164,000 Coloradans have space-industry related jobs. This past fiscal year, NASA awarded nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars in contracts and grants to Colorado. Small entrepreneurs call this state home, and so do major space contractors. Colorado's university programs produce scientists, engineers, and astronauts."

NASA exec preaches to Colo. choir, Denver Post

NASA deputy promotes space goals in Denver, The Denver Business Journal

Editor's note: It is certainly nice to see NASA officials speaking to people in states who benefit the most from its spending - its good to let folks see that NASA can provide value to the populace and the economy. But it is becoming rather obvious at the same time that NASA is shying away from speeches aimed at sectors of the population, the country, and the economy where NASA's role is less appreciated and/or understood.

But I have to wonder why NASA wastes time on choir practice among those who need no convincing of NASA's value. Why not seek out speaking venues in places where NASA's greatest challenge to establish its relevancy still exists? If NASA really does inspire students, for example, then why not pick a state where spending on education is low or test grades are below the national average - you know, the sort of place that could really use NASA's much-hyped power to inspire? Maybe NASA could do a poll and see where the "we didn't land on the Moon" urban legend is the most pervasive and focus on those hot spots of doubt.

And if NASA is really as good for our nation's economy as it claims, then why not pick out some economically depressed areas and take NASA's message there?

Or is it that NASA really doesn't have anything to say to the people who might benefit most from what it claims to offer - or is NASA afraid to hear things that don't mesh with its internally developed "one size fits all" talking points and "messages"?

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