Bigelow's Genesis II is on orbit and happy

Genesis II Successfully Launched

Genesis II Calls Home, Says It's Doing Fine

"Initial data suggests sufficient voltage powering up Genesis II's batteries as well as expected air pressure. While the actual confirmation of solar panel deployment and spacecraft expansion are expected later, the data suggests that deployment and expansion have been successful. Before contact, successful communication was considered a long shot on Genesis II's first pass over the ground station in Fairfax, Va. Elevation for the pass was considered low for a successful contact. "We don't even talk to Genesis I that low," Program Manager Eric Haakonstad said. To the surprise of those gathered in Mission Control and shouts of "We got it" echoing through the room, contact was established and Genesis II immediately began sending data back to Earth on its condition."

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Kepler Communications - Aether
Baen Books - The Spacetime War by Les Johnson

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