Earth as a Classroom - Devon Island Update

Keith Cowing's Devon Island Journal 10 July 2007: Back to the Arctic,

"Once again I am headed north to Devon Island, the home of the Haughton-Mars Project. This is a place many have come to call "Mars on Earth" for its similarity to terrain on Mars. Due to this similarity - and a number of other factors (including its isolation) a wide range of scientific and engineering activities are conducted here in an effort learn how to live on other world such as the Moon - and Mars - and perhaps elsewhere."

Editor's update: I am on Devon Island. Arrived around 9:15 am CDT. Matt Reyes arrived at 11:00 am. Leroy Chiao is in transit to Ottawa and ... my iPhone (the northernmost iPhone on Earth) works just fine here in WiFi mode. P> Editor's note:Five Live webcams are now online on Devon Island at the Haughton-Mars Project Research Station

Earth as a Classroom, SpaceRef

"In July 2007 several hundred students will get look over the shoulder of space researchers at a remote research base in the Canadian arctic. The place: Devon Island, a place many call "Mars on Earth". Our team will visit Devon Island to conduct 5 days of webcasts and other instructional activities spanning the period of 16-20 July 2007."

Editor's note: More project information

My Twitter page (short updates) If you want to see what people are doing around the world - Live - on Twitter, check out Twittervision. Try the "3D view"

Meanwhile, I will be on Devon Island on 12 July.

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