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Transcript: NASA Press Conference Regarding Findings of Astronaut Health Reviews

"COL BACHMANN: Yes. Again, the details of the specific incident in question, we really didn't get firm assessment at the moment that the astronaut was prepared to fly. He was in the preflight period when either the flight surgeons or a fellow astronaut was concerned enough about the astronaut's condition, that that was raised to the local leadership. As far as the specifics of how much more time elapsed before they actually flew, we cannot say with any certainty whether they, in fact, were at all under the influence or affected at the time that they actually flew. The issue of concern was that the medical advisors or the people who should be empowered to raise questions felt like they were not, and it is that sense of disregard that the committee commends back to NASA to evaluate. We didn't get the information, and I can't share it because I don't have it as far as how much time elapsed, how high the blood alcohol was likely to have been. We just don't have it."

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