NASA Has Killed NIAC

The NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) is Closing

Editor's note: If you visit NIAC's home page you will see that "NIAC is Closing - A Legacy of Revolutionary Concepts". As mentioned previously on NASA Watch this is a stupid decision on the part of Mike Griffin. Inevitably, once he is gone, his successor will see the need for NIAC - or something like it - and be forced to recreate it. And when they do, they will be scratching their head wondering why Griffin did such a dumb thing in the first place.

Killing NIAC, earlier post

"Where are you going to get all of the things you need to put on those Ares rockets so as to allow their crews to carry out their missions, Mike? Or do you "just need a good map"? Explorers without the right tools die - or turn around - and head back home. Wrong answer, Mike."

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