Sloppy Reporting at SpaceToday

NASA confirms reports of intoxicated astronauts, Posted: Sat, Jul 28 9:49 AM ET (1349 GMT)

"NASA officials on Friday confirmed that on at least two occasions astronauts were intoxicated immediately prior to missions as the agency said it was taking steps to investigate and remedy the situation."

Editor's note: C'mon Jeff, this is really sloppy. No one from NASA "confirmed" the intoxication claims. Quite the contrary, NASA has refered to the claims in this external report as being "allegations" and "anecdotal" over and over again. Mike Griffin is rather clear on this in his message to NASA employees. Spaceflight Now as a much more accurate article - and title "NASA vows review of alleged astronaut alcohol abuse"

Editor's update: The title has been changed to read "NASA acknowledges reports of intoxicated astronauts".

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