A Failed Attempt at Humor - or Condoning Astro Drinking?

In Defense of Drunk Astronauts, opinion, TownHall.com

"Cut these cowboys some slack. These are not wobbly Northwest Airlines pilots trying to get off the runway and steer through clouds and densely occupied airspace. An ascending space shuttle, I assure you, encounters very little traffic. And for much of liftoff, the astronaut is little more than spam in a can -- not pilot but guinea pig. With opposable thumbs, to be sure, yet with only one specific task: to come out alive."

Editor's note: On one hand, Krauthammer places the risks that astronauts take into a true persective - sort of. I think he wa trying to be funny when he wrote this. Trying. Yet on the other hand he seems to be condoning the use of alcohol by astronauts during launch activities - the same behavior NASA said that it will not tolerate. As is usually the case with his bombastic writing about NASA, Krauthammer does not have a clue how the things he pontificates about actually work. What would happen, let's say, if the crew suddenly had to scramble out of an orbiter during an abort on the pad? Or make an emergency TAL abort landing due to some malfunction? You certainly need every physical and mental system running at full capacity for that. Details, Mr. Krauthammer, details. That's why they call it "Rocket Science".

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