Bad Research at Wired

Ex-Astronaut's Lonely Mission: Save Earth From Asteroid Strike, Wired

"Former astronaut Rusty Schweickart has already earned his place in the history books by going to the moon with the Apollo 9 mission. However, should an asteroid crash into the Earth anytime soon, killing millions and causing catastrophic damage, he'll also be remembered as the guy whose warnings we ignored."

Editor's note: Rusty did not go to the moon on Apollo 9. Nor did the Apollo 9 mission. Indeed, just do a lazy Google of "Apollo 9" and only read the first entry that pops up. No mention of going to the moon. And that picture of the Apollo 9 LEM - the blue stuff in the background is not the Sea of Tranquility. Rusty is a rather articulate fellow so, I guess that means ....

This historical error aside, it is an interesting article - about an important topic.

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