Damned if You Do; Damned if You Don't

Editorial: NASA needs better glue, editorial, Waco Tribune

"Now, shuttle Endeavour is in space with a damaged heat shield due to another piece of foam that came loose during launch. NASA has had plenty of warnings. It must fix this dangerous problem."

NASA right to emphasize safety, editorial, Newsday

"Let's hope - and pray - that NASA has made the right call and that the crew remains safe during re-entry, which is scheduled for next week. Let's also hope that, as long as there is a manned space program, NASA continues to improve its record on safety."

NASA nears decision on shuttle fix, AP

"Officials have to balance those fears with the risk that astronauts wearing 300-pound spacesuits and carrying 150 pounds of tools could bang into the shuttle and cause more damage as they try to fix the gouge. Putting the wrong amount of the caulk-like repair goo into the gash or failing to put it in exactly the right spot could make the problem worse, Shannon said."

Costly redesign only cure for shuttle's debris woes, USA Today

"Shannon has said he is "cautiously optimistic" that the gouge does not need to be fixed. It poses no risk to the crew, he has said, but could lead to structural damage on the shuttle."

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