Happy 30th Birthday, Voyager 2

Reader note 19 Aug 7:40 pm EDT: "Unless my calendar is wrong, Voyager 2 celebrates 30 years of mission ops tomorrow [20 Aug]. Nothing on NASA, JPL web sites. I suppose us old fogies who even remember that craft are no longer in NASA's 'target demo.' Having followed this mission since I was 11 years old (yes, I still have boxes of Neptune and Uranus PBS "All Night' tapes), I find the lack of even a mention on NASA sites a bit sad, but, unfortunately, not unexpected given their recent communication skills..."

Editor's note 20 Aug 8:30 am EDT: When I posted this reader's note last night I could find nothing on any NASA website about Voyager 2's impending 30th anniversary. Indeed, at that point it was already 20 August in many parts of the world. A reader in Germany noted (overnight) that this website at JPL now reflects that anniversary. Alas, as I post this note there is still nothing on either the NASA or JPL home pages that link to this Voyager page. Sources at NASA also tell me that in contrast to the apparent absence of any celebratory notes online, that quite a lot is planned to celebrate this anniversary. Why NASA did not get the word out to the public and the media in advance is curious. Its not like the date of the 30th anniversary wasn't known - for the past 30 years ... Stay tuned. Of course, NASA's Strategic Communications people are no where to be seen on this. Voyager's saga is ripe with wonderful analogies about NASA's capabilities and contributions. You'd think they'd be jumping on a chance to crow about some positive news for once.

Editor's note 20 Aug 10:00 am EDT: NASA HQ now has some links up. Yet there is still nothing on JPL's home page. What is just plain silly is the fact that you can set your web editing software to post things automatically at a certain date and time. Either they do not know how to do this at JPL, they can't get out of their own way to do so, or someone forgot to do this on Friday - yet the folks in the office down the hallway know how to reprogram ancient computers billions of miles away on an interstellar spacecraft. Go figure.

NASA GRC Reader note: "The Glenn Research Center, who was responsible for launching both Voyagers on Titan/Centaur, had a 30th anniversary celebration at our visitor center this past Saturday."

Editor's note: Gee, too bad NASA could not coordinate these Voyager events across its field centers - with each one linking to the other's events. They only had 30 years to plan this. Then again, the OneNASA concept is no longer needed since the agency is fully integrated as a single entity, right Mike?

Pioneering NASA Voyager Spacecraft Mark Thirty Years of Flight

"NASA's two venerable Voyager spacecraft are celebrating three decades of flight as they head toward interstellar space. Their ongoing odysseys mark an unprecedented and historic accomplishment."

Editor's 20 Aug 12:00 pm EDT note: Finally. A press release.

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