HSPD-12 Concerns at JPL Are Growing

Editor's note: The HSPD-12 issue has not gone away at JPL. Quite the contrary - people are more alarmed than ever. For further information on the JPL rebadging issue check out this website: http://www.editthis.info/jpl_rebadging/Main_Page and this one: http://www.hspd12jpl.org

Video of employees protesting HSPD-12 outside JPL and handing out flyers as other employees arrive at work.

You can also join a Yahoo group devoted to this issue.

Reader note: You might be interested to know that things are heating up at JPL around the implementation of HSPD-12. At this point in the process, virtually all employees have been assigned a 10-day window to submit the forms authorizing an unlimited background check, but according to the official JPL HSPD-12 web site there has been only about 50% compliance. The actual number quoted on the site are (note that there are approximately 6000 employees, and that the second category below is a subset of the first):

Individuals initiated for SF85/SF85P and Reviewed by JPL's OPS: 3141
Individual's Data Collected and Submitted to OPM: 2319
New ID Badges Issued: 0
Data from 8/2/07

(Interesting side story: The official site http://hspd12.jpl.nasa.gov has been cleared for external release to the public, and it was available to the public until mid-July 2007. NASA has now directed JPL to make it available only internally at JPL and one is redirected to the NASA site if accessed outside JPL.)

The following question and answer appears in the FAQ section of the official JPL HSPD12 web site (italics and underlining are from the original):

What happens if I don't complete my application within the 10-day time frame?

Due to the large number of applicants still to be processed, the Office of Protective Services will monitor the OPM initiation backlog list and you may be notified with the following email notification:

At this time you must submit a request to the JPL Office of Protective Services to reopen your account with OPM. In fairness to the employees who have not yet been initiated but who will be scheduled to do so in the coming weeks, your request will be put in a queue behind them. If you delay in submitting your request, we want to inform you there is a strong likelihood you may not get through the process before the October 27, 2007 due date, and you would be placed on an unpaid leave of absence. Please do not delay any longer.

If you do not submit a request within the next 15 days, you will not be able to do so before October 27, 2007 and JPL therefore will assume you intend to resign effective October 27, 2007 and begin to process your paperwork accordingly.

I don't know whether anyone has received such an email yet, but I have worked at JPL for over 30 years, and I have never been threatened with being fired (or being voluntarily resigned) in all that time.

You can check out what the resistance to this process has to say at http://www.hspd12jpl.org

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