NASA at 50: Looking for That Second Wind

NASA at 50: Looking for That Second Wind, SpaceRef

"Everyday life" is more than just what "spin offs" may (or may not) have had an origin somewhere, decades ago, in some research NASA did for another reason. "Everyday life" has to do with what you think about in the shower, on the way to work, and when you put your kids to bed.

What am I getting at? At the heart of all of this, in one way or another, is the notion "where do I fit in the whole scope of space exploration? What about me? Do I get to go? Do my kids get to go? If I don't get (or want) to go, how do I get to express my excitement and interest in those who do these amazing things? What did I do today that might have been different - less productive, or just simply less fun, had space exploration stayed inside science fiction books?"

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