NEEMO 13 Underway

NASA Announces Next Undersea Exploration Mission Dates and NEEMO Crew

"NASA will send three astronauts and a Constellation Program aerospace engineer into the ocean depths off the Florida coast from Aug. 6 to 15. They will test lunar exploration concepts and a suite of medical objectives for long-duration spaceflight."

Live webcams
Previous NEEMO news

Editor's 10 Aug update: NASA PAO as dropped the ball with NEEMO yet again. If you go to NASA's NEEMO page there are no NASA updates at all with regard to the NEEMO 13 mission - even though it is now half way completed (day 5 out of 10). Yet if you go to this University of North Carolina website there are several reports (with images) - but they are from someone who is not inside NEEMO. Why conduct these events (they are not cheap) if you don't tell anyone what you are doing, NASA?

Editor's 12 Aug update: NEEMO updates are now being posted. Read them all here.

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