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Editor's note: You know, I thought I had encountered just about every sort of vapid idiot in the media until I had the pleasure of being ambushed on Michael Graham's talk show Tuesday morning as he giggled about astronauts dying on Space Shuttles. Then again this is not the first time this twit has said things like this on the air - check this link. His producer Eric had called me half a dozen times to get me on the show before I finally said yes. Now I see why Eric did not tell me exactly what the specific topic would be nor the means whereby Graham would address it. Given what Graham said about NASA's "death machine" I tried to imagine Graham facing someone who rode into space - risking their life - for Graham and every other American. Then, to my surprise this guy has the nerve to post this:

"If Mr. Cowing finds my questions difficult to answer, he should hope not to face any from the families of the 14 dead astronauts."

Well guess what, you pathetic moron, I will be doing EXACTLY THAT Wednesday morning at 9:00 am in Alexandria, Virginia as an invited guest at the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. This is why I will be there.

Editor's earlier note: I just did a morning commute interview with Michael Graham on WTKK radio in Boston. The producer simply said that they wanted to talk about the shuttle. When I got on air Graham staged an ambush and kept hammering away at me saying things like "the space shuttle is the most efficient killing vehicle in use today" etc. and laughing and chuckling all the while as he tried to get me to agree that it as a "horrible mistake and should be replaced". When I told him "guess what, it is being retired" he was silent for a moment and then switched back to his astronaut killing rant. I then suggested that he just interview himself since he had already made his mind up on the topic. He continued to be obnoxious, so I hung up. No one is ever going to change this twit's mind.

I have done hundreds of radio interviews like this and have never hung up during one. This guy wins the a--hole of the day award from NASA Watch. Anyone who chuckles while talking about astronaut deaths - or anyone's death - has a few loose screws.

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