Going Outside the U.S. To Meet U.S. Education Needs

NASA and Mad Science Partner to Promote Science Education

"NASA and the Mad Science Group of Montreal, Canada, have teamed in an effort to spark the imagination of children, encouraging more youth to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math. The two organizations recently signed a Space Act Agreement, officially launching the development of the Academy of Future Space Explorers."

Editor's note: If you have read NASA Watch recently you will note that I have been hammering NASA over its lack of focus on education of the next generation of space explorers. As such, such an announcement is most welcome and further such agreements should be encouraged. That said - and couched in the context that 1.) my SpaceRef business partner is Canadian, 2.) that I support and participate in a research project located in Canada, and 3.) that I fervently believe in taking a global approach to space exploration, I still have to wonder why it is that NASA felt the need to go outside the borders of the United States to utilize a company to accomplish such a task as is outlined in this press release. Why did they do so when so much latent and untapped capability resides here within the U.S? Especially when so many Congressional earmarks often call for the same sort of tasks to be accomplished. Maybe someone will explain this to me.

Reader note: "Here is my response: Mad Science Group is made up of 220 franchisees, most of them (75%) are in United States. We are the ONLY science organization in United States that has daily contact with about 5 million children in venues such as public and private schools, libraries and recreation centers. We are the ONLY science company that make science fun, and that is exactly why NASA has chosen Mad Science. My company, my franchise: Mad Science of Long Island is American, not Canadian. - Claudio Superville, Mad Science of Long Island, www.madscienceli.org"

Editor's note: I stand (partially corrected) on the U.S. Vs Canadian issue. Yet, with regard to Mr. Superville's claim: "We are the ONLY science company that make science fun, and that is exactly why NASA has chosen Mad Science" , this has to be the most absurd, unsubtantiated, and arrogant claim I have heard anyone make this week! I would certainly hope that this company's other franchise holders are a little more humble - and less prone to bragging - especially when the claims cannot be proven (not the best lesson to be teaching).

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