Today's YouTube Video: BLAST The Movie

Reader note: I have been reading through your blog, and I love your commitment to science. Perhaps you and your readers might be interested in a new interactive science documentary project - BLAST ( - a film that follows a group of intrepid astrophysicists as they travel to exotic locations all in the name of science.

Our web-based community project on lets students, professors and science enthusiasts learn more about telescopes, cosmology, and astronomy from an intimate and interactive perspective - all while actively participating in the creation of a great science documentary.

With extraordinary access to a new generation of young astrophysicists, BLAST puts a human face on groundbreaking scientific research. The story follows a close-knit team of international scientists as they attempt to launch a multi-million dollar telescope on a NASA high-altitude balloon, taking them on a dramatic journey from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Please feel free to watch the trailer for the film on our official site at:

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