Griffin Lays Down The Law To ESMD

NASA Internal Memo From Constellation Program Manager Jeff Hanley: Avoid Verbal Orders

Mike G has encouraged me to share the following with the team, in hopes that this helps to clarify his position on how 'governance' explicitly relates to Constellation and the institutions executing our plan... "It is NASA's job to figure out a way to "support" ESMD and Cx. Not the other way around. A "successful" independent review board, or review process generally, is one that serves the Program Manager. Not the reverse. The institution devises and imposes standards and processes solely for the purpose of aiding programs to be successful, not as a matter of doctrinaire adherence to a standard of "technical purity". There is no such thing as a "successful" independent review board, or a "successful" NASA, without a successful Cx. If 7120.5D does not serve Cx well, meaning help produce a good outcome, it is the document that will be revised, not Cx."

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