Mike Griffin Concedes Defeat

NASA chief: China will beat us back to the moon, AP

"I personally believe that China will be back on the moon before we are," NASA Administrator Michael Griffin said in a low-key lecture in Washington two weeks ago, marking the space agency's 50th anniversary, still a year away. "I think when that happens, Americans will not like it. But they will just have to not like it."

Editor's note: When he first arrived Mike Griffin used the Chinese threat as a way to generate support in Congress and elsewhere for his accelerated exploration architecture. Now he has apparently given up.

If NASA's Administrator is ready to admit defeat on something that is still perhaps a decade away why should anyone at NASA try and work harder now?

What a nice way to motivate your workforce, Mike.

Excerpt from Congressional Record Regarding U.S. Senate Action to Add $1 Billion To NASA's Budget For Space Shuttle Return to Flight Activities

"Ms. MIKULSKI. ... This is not acceptable. We cannot let China get to the Moon before the United States does."

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