Risk and Exploration Symposium Follow up

Extreme Explorers Discuss Martian Sand Dunes, Cat 5 Hurricanes, Exploding Shuttles, Wired

"A who's who of exploration have joined former NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe at Louisiana State University for two days of discussion on risk and exploration. The content is better than survivor and gives you a front row seat on some of the riskiest and most inspiring expeditions on and off the planet."

Dude, Where's My Moon Rover?, Wired

"Two weeks a year, Barbara Romig drives around the Arizona desert testing out the latest space suit designs and NASA plans for doing geology on the moon. Back in the Apollo days, NASA blasted their own crater field in Arizona for the crews to practice driving around and being geologists. Now at that same site, Barbara, 28, is the test coordinator for the EVA program, Desert RATS (Research And Technology Studies). She was one of the speakers in todays "Risk and Exploration" Symposium."

Apollo 8 crewmember speaks on risk, LSU The Reveille

"It may be a big risk scheduling that 8 a.m. class next semester, but risk took a different meaning for Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders. The astronaut spoke to participants of "Risk and Exploration: Earth as a Classroom," a conference hosted by the University from Sunday until Tuesday. He addressed how the Apollo missions balanced "risk versus rewards."

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