Spacehab's Challenges and Opportunities

Spacehab Announces Receipt of NASDAQ Staff Determination Letter

"SPACEHAB, Incorporated (NASDAQ:SPAB), a leading provider of commercial space services, today announced its receipt of a NASDAQ Staff Determination letter on October 2, 2007 indicating that the Company fails to comply with NASDAQ Marketplace Rules 4310(c)(4) and 4310(c)(3), and that its securities are, therefore, subject to delisting from The NASDAQ Capital Market."

Texas Investor Eyes Space Station as Orbiting Pharma Lab, WIired

"Pickens' father made a fortune in oil, became a corporate raider, and now runs a hedge fund. He's worth $2.5 billion. No wonder his son looked to the heavens to make his fortune. Spacehab recruited the younger Pickens earlier this year to turn the company around. The 20-year-old penny stock firm has a market cap of about $5 million.'"

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