GAO on Ares 1: Good News/Bad News

House Committee on Science and Technology Chairman Reacts to GAO Report on NASAs Planned Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle

"GAO's assessment is a mix of good news and not-so-good news," said Gordon. "On the one hand, GAO has concluded that NASA is taking steps to demonstrate that the Ares I project is achievable within the constraints that the project faces. On the other hand, GAO has identified a number of significant challenges that will have to be overcome if the project is to succeed."

NASA - Agency Has Taken Steps Toward Making Sound Investment Decisions for Ares I but Still Faces Challenging Knowledge Gaps, GAO-08-51

"GAO recommends NASA establish a sound business case for Ares I before proceeding beyond preliminary design review (now set for July 2008), and if necessary, delay the preliminary design review until the project's readiness to move forward is demonstrated."

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