Another High Power Lunar X Prize Team is Forming

Dr. William 'Red' Whittaker and Raytheon Company Collaborate to Pursue Google Lunar X Prize, Astrobotic Technology

"Astrobotic is planning for Raytheon to begin work on a contract basis with the scope of Raytheon's work to be expanded upon completion of certain financing goals by Astrobotic. It is anticipated that 15 or more professional engineers from Raytheon will be devoted to the Astrobotic lunar program. Dr. Whittaker is the Fredkin Professor of Robotics, Director of the Field Robotics Center, and founder of the National Robotics Engineering Consortium, all at Carnegie Mellon University."

Editor's note: Word has it that the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory is looking to partner with Carnegie-Mellon and Raytheon in a Google Lunar X-Prize bid. Word to proceed with planning awaits the approval of the University's upper management in the next few weeks. A final decision to proceed with the project would be made in late March 2008.

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