Arthur C Clarke: 90 Orbits And Counting

Sir Arthur C. Clarke's 90th Birthday Message

"Hello! This is Arthur Clarke, speaking to you from my home in Colombo, Sri Lanka. As I approach my 90th birthday, my friends are asking how it feels like, to have completed 90 orbits around the Sun. Well, I actually don't feel a day older than 89! Of course, some things remind me that I have indeed qualified as a senior citizen. As Bob Hope once said: "You know you're getting old, when the candles cost more than the cake!" I'm now perfectly happy to step aside and watch how things evolve. But there's also a sad side to living so long: most of my contemporaries and old friends have already departed. However, they have left behind many fond memories, for me to recall."

- The Space Elevator: 'Thought Experiment', or Key to the Universe?, Arthur C Clarke, Space Elevator Reference

- Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse, SpaceRef

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