Election 2008 Update

Space becomes primary frontier as candidates court voters in Fla., ATlanta Journal Constitution

"For the first time in decades, space policy is emerging as a presidential campaign issue and, political strategists say, could become a decisive factor in the race to the White House. In the run-up to Florida's Jan. 29 primary, candidates have begun to talk about their views on the future of human space exploration. On Friday, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani stopped at Kennedy Space Center to pledge he would give NASA the money it needs to return Americans to the moon and go to Mars. On Monday, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney followed suit."

Time to put the Heat Onto Barack, Political Action For Space

"Barack Obama is opening up a campign office in Huntsville in a few hours! Go there and tell him (or his campaign people) that his space policy needs to be revised!"

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