Googling NASA

Google's Schmidt to NASA: Be more 'open', CNet

"Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt on Thursday suggested NASA could learn a few things from his company. Speaking at a luncheon series to commemorate the agency's 50th anniversary this year, Schmidt urged the space agency to take after what Google attempts to accomplish with its products: Build open, collaborative systems, not closed ones--a reference to NASA's legacy of creating mission-specific vehicles. Create simple platforms upon which others can build. And while you're at it, why not let spacecraft talk to each other?"

A Googleplex grows in D.C., CNet

"Last month, Google's 20 or so Washington employees moved a few blocks, to a 27,000-square-foot space that occupies one floor of a glassy building at 1101 New York Ave. (entrance shown here) in the heart of downtown, not far from K Street and its abundant lobby shops."

Google CEO and Chairman Speaks at NASA 50th Anniversary Event

"On Thursday, Jan. 17, the chairman and chief executive officer of Google, Eric Schmidt, will be the featured speaker for part of a lecture series honoring NASA's 50th anniversary."

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