Sensationalist Headlines at USA Today

Shuttle delays endanger space station, USA Today

"Like many home-improvement projects on Earth, NASA's most ambitious building effort in space languishes half-done. Now new delays, combined with the space shuttle's looming retirement, are raising worries about whether it can be finished at all."

Editor's note: What a bad choice of words for a headline. A headline contains the words you first see and is supposed to represent the gist of an article. In this case the headline is misleading - to say the least. There is no "danger" (i.e. as being "endangered") to the space station if this mission is delayed. The crew are quite safe. Nor is the station "endangered" if a number of shuttle flights with space station parts never get launched. No one is going to cancel it. The space station will stay in orbit and work just fine - without being "endangered" - with whatever parts are launched - just as it is doing right now.

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