Alt.VSE Meeting Postscript: No One From NASA Took Notes

NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate Responses to Questions from NASA Watch Feb. 27, 2008

"Q: Did NASA pay for any civil servants and/or contractors to attend the Stanford University meeting "Examining the Vision - Balancing Science and Exploration" meeting last week? If so which civil servants and/or contractors attended? What contracts and/or projects was this travel and work time charged to? Are these attendees required to prepare a trip report or summary of their activities in connection with this meeting? Will any such reports be made available to the media?

A: Three NASA employees are listed: Brian Muirhead of JPL and Chris MacKay and Russ Kerschmann of Ames Research Center. NASA's Constellation Program funded Muirhead's travel. MacKay and Kerschmann did not incur travel expenses."

Editor's note: NASA employees attending a meeting in an official capacity - one of great interest to the 9th floor - yet NO ONE filed a trip report, wrote a memo, or conveyed ANYTHING to management as to what they did - or what was said?

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