EVA Delayed For Medical Issues - But No One Is Sick, Says NASA

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Space -- NOT, Free Space

"If Britney Spears wants some privacy, I have a suggestion for her: get NASA to fly her to the space station. The space agency so vehemently protects the privacy of astronauts that even if they have to postpone a spacewalk, which costs something like a bazillion dollars a minute, because someone is sick, they won't talk about it. Even if the spacewalker, who has been training for more than a year, is sidelined, and a backup has to take his place, they won't talk about it. And even if the mission then has to be extended to make up for the extra day, they won't talk about it."

Meet the Press (funny photo), Free Space

"Reporters prepare for Sunday's news briefing with NASA officials at the Johnson Space Center."

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