Here Come The Shuttle Job Cuts

Kennedy Space Center could face job cuts in Bush's NASA budget proposal, Orlando Sentinel

"NASA expects to shed as many as 1,000 workers from its space-shuttle program in 2009 -- including an unspecified number at Kennedy Space Center -- as part of a $17.6 billion budget outlined Monday by the White House."

[Exploration Capabilities] Space Operations Employment Summary

Identification code 80-0115-0-1-252 2007 actual 2008 est. 2009 est.
1001 Civilian full-time equivalent
employment...................... 5,748 5,791 3,540
2001 Civilian full-time equivalent
employment...................... 52 11 11

Presentation charts

Page 11

- Shuttle retirement and transition planning continues, however, the specific requirements and budget estimates for Shuttle retirement after FY 2010 are too immature to be incorporated.

Page 12 - Space Shuttle Retirement and Transition to Constellation

- Preserving the skilled Shuttle workforce necessary to fly through retirement, especially as vendors complete their final deliveries, and transitioning key elements of the highly-skilled engineering and technician workforce to support the new Exploration systems

- Fully understanding Space Shuttle retirement costs, including the disposition of Shuttle facilities and equipment. Congressional authorization for Agency-wide Enhanced Use Leases starting in January 2009 will help defray NASA costs.

- Supporting the International Space Station following the retirement of the Space Shuttle, especially purchasing crew and cargo transport services.

- NASA is preparing a package of legislative provisions to help in the transition from the Space Shuttle to the new Constellation Systems.

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