Election 2008 Update 3 March 2008

NASA's popularity rises as vote nears, Houston Chronicle

"In the countdown to Tuesday's Texas primary, the candidates still in the race are positioning themselves as astronauts' best friends -- but what they would actually do for manned space travel once elected remains up in the air. Under President Bush's current plan, the space shuttle will be retired in 2010. And with every candidate coming to Texas and professing devotion to NASA, space-watchers are trying to determine what the candidates actually will do when faced with a reeling economy and a record federal debt."

Candidates' Views Differ on Space Exploration, NPR

"Advocates of NASA's plan to return to the moon are concerned that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has said he will raid NASA's budget to fund education. While the issue of space exploration hasn't gotten much attention this campaign season, it is a topic on which the candidates do differ."

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