Everest OnOrbit Update

Scott Parazynski Everest Update 26 March 2008

"We depart for the KTM airport at 0500 local tomorrow to fly to Lukla, when the trek really begins. We met up as a full IMG team for the first time late this afternoon, and I just returned from our welcome dinner at a nearby rooftop garden restaurant."

Astronaut to Climb Everest for his Vacation, Wired

"Five time Space Shuttle Astronaut Scott Parazynski, 46, will be fulfilling a life long dream of climbing Mt. Everest "on his own time and on his own dime" this May. True to form, Parazynski's packing list would make any Shuttle commander proud, down to the weight in grams of everything he is taking with him."

Rocket Scientist Training, NASA Everest Trek

"Here's a training routine you can use if you want to be a rocket scientist"

Everest OnOrbit Timeline

"The following is a timeline for Scott Parazynski, Keith Cowing, and the NASA Everest Team treks to Everest Base Camp. This schedule is tentative and subject to revision."

More updates at Everest OnOrbit, OnOrbit.com

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