Griffin on NASA and Education

Michael Griffin Redux, Starstryder (Blog)

Grad Student: How do we convince the Government to get us money?

Griffin: We're not allowed to lobby Congress

Grad Student: NASA Produces great educational materials

Griffin: Yes we do, but ... Let me remind you that NASA is not the department of education. NASA spends $15 million each year on education - that's enough money for one more Discovery mission, and we can't do that mission because of the education we do. I'm not saying that is money badly spent, but ... NASA is the only thing in the domestic discretionary part of the Federal budget that hasn't received cuts.

Grad Student: I'm not trying to make fun of NASA - I'm trying to say I want to live in a world in 30 years where people are better educated in Science, Math, and Technology

Griffin: That's not NASA's job

Grad Student: (pause) Do you have any insights from your work with politicians on how we can get more science education?

Griffin: I don't generally get any insights from politicians

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