Huntsville Is Allowing Its Own History to Rot

NASA's Skylab Trainer Is Still Rotting In The Rain

"In March of 2007 the temporary weather cover put in place by the volunteers was blown off one third of the low deck during a storm. Despite repeated requests to the curator and CEO of the US Space and Rocket Center, no effort has been made to pull the weather cover back in place. It's now been one year. This is blind neglect of a historic space artifact."

Reader note: "The US Space and Rocket center is allowing people who contribute $10,000 to have private time in the Apollo 16 command module. For your $10,000 you and an unlimited number of guests get to sit in it, sit on the crew couches, play with the controls, and do anything you want. I wonder if the National Air and Space Museum knows about this? This is abuse of a space flown national treasure."

Editor's update: It would seem that the USSRC is denying that people are allowed inside the Apollo 16 Command module to look around and pose for pictures. This image shows a USSRC employee and a donor inside the Apollo 16 command module. I know who the donor is and have blurred his face. He is a very decent person and only wants to help the USSRC out i.e. he has done nothing wrong. Why the USSRC is denying things like this happen is odd. Perhaps they know that it is in violation of Smithsonian policies. Oh yes. I have more images.

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