Jules Verne Launched

ESA's Jules Verne Is In Orbit

"Jules Verne, the first of the European Space Agency's Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV), a new series of autonomous spaceships designed to re-supply and re-boost the International Space Station (ISS), was successfully launched into low Earth orbit by an Ariane 5 vehicle this morning."

Europe's resupply rocket a good step, Huntsville Times

"For intents and purposes, the ATV is like a mini-space station or a separate module. It's automated and can dwell in orbit for an extended period of time and then dock with the station," said Keith Cowing, editor of NASAWatch.com. "It's really an alternative to what the Russians have, the Progress (capsule). Progress has worked well for decades, but the ATV brings new capabilities to the station."

Jules Verne ATV Blog

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