NASA History According to Dean Acosta

Dean Acosta, Linkedin (public profile)

"Before Qorvis, I served as chief spokesperson, press secretary and deputy assistant administrator for public affairs at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). I led NASA's public affairs and communications activities during one of its most challenging periods following the space shuttle Columbia accident in 2003."

Editor's note: Gee, I seem to recall that Glenn Mahone was in charge of NASA Public Affairs when Challenger Columbia (my error - I type that word a lot these days) was lost and that Glenn was the one who "led" these activities - certainly not Dean. Truth be known, Dean really did not have any significant responsibilities at that time. Indeed, a new position was created for him when the White House sent him over as a political hire. He most certainly did not do what he claims to have done in this bio. I sent Dean (who is now at Boeing) a note about this discrepancy a number of months ago. Alas, he doesn't seem to care that his Linkedin profile is demonstrably false. Curiously his official NASA PAO profile makes no mention of this heroic accomplishment on Dean's part. I wonder why.

Editor's update: Dean Acosta has sent me a response (below). Other than my obvious Challenger vs Columbia error, he's trying to spin a totally misleading statement, in my opinion, and is trying to let stand the notion that he was the only person in charge of PAO after Columbia.


I wanted to point out a factual error in your latest post. I don't think Glenn Mahone was involved with NASA public affairs after Challenger. As for my Linkedin profile, as I tried to explain in our communication a month ago--"leading NASA public affairs and communications following the Columbia accident" covers the period of time all the way up until return to flight. I was the press secretary and acting assistant adminstrator for public affairs the months leading up to the Return to Flight mission (following the Columbia accident). I was fortunate to lead a terrific team of NASA communicators and thankful for my opportunity to work for this Administration. By the way, Glenn Mahone was also a political appointee under President Bush.

Dean Acosta

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