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Editor's note: I will be in Nepal between 18 April and the beginning of June. I will be providing support at Everest Base Camp (elevation 17,500 ft.) for a month for a team of climbers who will be heading for the summit. Among the climbers is STS-120 astronaut Scott Parazynski. We'll also have a bunch of NASA folks visiting us at Base Camp for a few days during the month of May. I am going on this trip representing the Challenger Center for Space Science Education on whose board of directors I serve. I will have regular Internet access - most of the time - but it will be slow and somewhat expensive. While I will be providing updates on life at base camp and the team's progress (that is what my job will be) over at I will not be able to run NASAWatch in the fashion that you folks are used to. My solution: guest bloggers.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger on NASAWatch send me an email at

Editor's update: I have gotten a nice response from potential bloggers. I will get something out to all of you within a week or so once I figure out to best feature your diverse talents and interests. In the mean time there are still openings for guest bloggers on NASA Watch.

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