Saying No To Penn & Teller

Editor's note: I just got the following email from the producer of a popular Showtime TV series. I declined the offer to participate since they have already made up their mind on the topic and anything I might say would likely be ignored or possibly edited and used out of context:

"I'm working on a Showtime series documentary/comedy series called "Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t." The program is in production on its sixth season, and is unlike anything else on TV. We mix irreverent comedy with the foundation of a series documentary - shining a spotlight on controversial issues such as the death penalty, prostitution, world peace and even things like circumcision, bottled water, PETA and pet love.

I'm working on an episode about NASA and was wondering if you had any interest in participating with our show?

We're going to basically say that NASA has been in decline since the Apollo missions, some of the current plans (moon base!) are bogus, and worst of all the culture of NASA created a safety situation that ended in the horrible deaths of the Challenger and Columbia astronauts.

We've interviewed NASA critics, supporters, insiders and even a Challenger family member. I'm just wondering if you agree or disagree with our basic position - and if you have anything else to add?

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