Election 2008: Freezing NASA

McCain unveils his economic plan

"The plan is centered around a one-year freeze in discretionary spending -- with the exception of military and veterans programs -- to allow for a "top-to-bottom review of the effectiveness of federal programs." "'Discretionary spending' is a term people throw around a lot in Washington, while actual discretion is seldom exercised," McCain said. "Instead, every program comes with a built-in assumption that it should go on forever, and its budget increase forever. My administration will change that way of thinking."

Editor's note: In other words McCain would apparently limit NASA's budget for FY 2010 to what it is going to end up being for FY 2009 - based on (I would guess) whatever budget level contained in any budget (or CR) enacted this Fall. That's not going to be good for Ares, Orion, or many other things ...

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