More Contamination and Health Concerns at GRC

Reader note: I work in the DEB (Bldg 500 a.k.a Slaughterhouse 500). The 2nd floor is full of contractors like me who feel as if we have no voice or rights. Like any contractor, I want to remain anonymous for fear of losing my job.

I've been in Bldg 500 since April 2001 (1st GESS contract). Glenn Research Center put us in this building to reduce the overhead costs. Since Feb. 2008, they have been moving civil servants out of the DEB into buildings within the gates and moving onsite contractors to the DEB. This cannot be a coincidence. The public does not know that some contractors on the 2nd floor are undergoing chemotherapy, and a few people on the 1st and 2nd floor have already passed away too.

Five or six years ago, this center held a meeting in the DEB auditorium to address the same concerns. Their nurse presented statisitcs at Glenn and compared them to the rest of the country. She claimed that we were in the normal range. At that time, I challenged her data, because I asked if she had contractor data since we were not on the NASA health plan.

I'm concerned about my health, because I have neglected some potential warning signs. I plan to raise these concerns and the potential links to this building at my next annual physical. If I get diagnosed with cancer, I don't plan to be silent.

Ohio EPA Schedules Public Meeting Concerning Cleanup Plan for NASA-Glenn Property

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