NASA did not establish the Orion SRB in accordance with Federal law

NASA OIG: Final Memorandum on the Standing Review Board for the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle Project

"NASA did not establish the Orion SRB in accordance with Federal law or NASA guidance. The Orion SRB meets the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) definition of an advisory committee. Although FACA committees must be established in accordance with FACA and NASA Policy Directive (NPD) 1150.11, "Federal Advisory Committee Act Committees," September 22, 2004, the Orion SRB was not."

Editor's note: According to NASA PAO the Orion SRB membership consists of: Ed Gibson (chair) SAIC, Chester Sasaki, JPL, Richard Greathouse, NASA, Robert Bechtel, consultant, Ken Bowersox, consultant, Warren Brasher, consultant, Jack Garman, LM/Larc, Rick Green, JPL, Dave Hamilton, NASA, Neil Hutchinson, SAIC, Jim Jaax, consultant, Gary Johnson, consultant, Bob Kichak, NASA, Dave Kuntz, Sandia, Jack Lee, consultant, Al Louviere, SAIC, Charlie Mars, consultant, John Niehoff, SAIC, and Guru Shing, JPL.

Inspector General: Conflict of interest on NASA review board, AP

"An expert on government ethics said the conflict was "a flagrant abuse and Congress should investigate." "Not only is NASA ready to challenge the laws of physics, it appears more than willing to challenge the laws of Congress," said New York University professor Paul Light."

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