Swimsuits on Steroids

Critics Claim NASA Swimsuit is Technological Doping, TSN

"NASA had a hand in designing the LZR, and Speedo claims it makes swimmers go two per cent faster. "They say that the suit is rocket science, but the stats are not rocket science," Schubert said. "The proof is in the performance."

The Couch Slouch: Speedo's $550 swimsuit a stroke of genius, Seattle Post Intelligencer

"So there is a new swimsuit, designed with help from NASA and its wind tunnels, made of low-drag, lightweight, polyurethane fabric that repels water. This otherworldly apparel is causing quite a splash -- my goodness, did I just write that? -- in the underworld of swimming. The swimsuit, made by Speedo, is called the LZR Racer. The cost of this swimsuit is $550, or twice the amount of my annual clothing budget."

Speedo: Innovation in the Aqua Lab, Business Week

"To reduce hydrodynamic drag, Aqualab began testing some 60 fabrics, with the help of a NASA wind tunnel, before coming up with a model made of extremely fine yarn that is densely woven together."

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