Mir: The Movie

Mathieu Kassovitz heads into space, after war, Hollyood Reporter

"MNP," the name of both the first space station and Kassovitz's indie shingle with co-producer Benoit Jaubert, will feature two U.S. stars and eight actors from around the world. The technologically heavy "end of the world" project will utilize special planes that are able to simulate a zero gravity environment for 25 seconds. MNP will work closely with space stations and aeronautical organizations to prepare for the complex project that is set to start shooting in 2011. "This is my ultimate movie. Everything we've done until now has been preparing us to be able make this movie," Kassovitz said."

Editor's note: Question for Jim Oberg: what is the mean time between puff news stories about filming a "major motion picture" in weightlessness (space), with some Russian space station as the location of the story, with "major American stars", etc? This strikes me as the 4th attempt that I can recall. They seem to pop up every 3-5 years - and then vanish.

Oh yes - if it is titled "MNP" (I assume they mean "Mir") which definition of the word are they after? "world"? "peace"? or that crashed space station which is now a coral reef? Personally I think the portrayal of Mir was done perfectly in "Armageddon" - leaky hoses and all. Wouldn't this all be a lot easier to do inside of Mir II i.e. the Service Module?

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