NASA's World Wide Appeal

Conmen make good use of explosive growth of media, Khaleej Times

Kolhapur boy in the dock for faking NASA letter,

"A 17-year-old student from Kolhapur, desirous of studying at NASA, is hogging limelight but for wrong reasons. Sridhar Kamble, who has just appeared for 12th standard exam, has found himself in the dock for faking a letter from the NASA establishment as well as forging the 10th standard result mark-sheet to inflate the total percentage."

Editor's note: To be certain, forging academic credentials is wrong and is certainly not to be encouraged. However, that said, what is it about NASA's image - and the prestige associated with it abroad - that draws so many to it? With all this talk about brand identity at NASA, you'd think that someone would be looking at this. What do these young people see in "NASA" that we in the U.S. have forgotten - or are all too jaded to see?

Consider these other stories (below) as well. While NASA, as an agency of the American govenrment, exists to serve the needs of its taxpayers, its global reach - and prestige - cannot be ignored. Someone should be capitalizing on it.

Bulgaria PM Meets Students Placed Second in NASA Contest, Sofia News Agency

"Bulgaria's PM Sergey Stanishev met Sunday the ten high-school students from the city of Varna who placed second in NASA's Space Settlement Contest for 2008."

NASA names planets after award-winning Lebanese, The Daily Star

"SIDON: The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Intel Company and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have named two newly discovered planets in the honor of two Lebanese students. The planets, "Sana" and "Dina," are named after Sana Abdel-Halim Zaidan and Dina Wafik Kaddoura, both from the coastal city of Sidon. Zaidan and Kaddoura invented, with the help of their Faith Islamic College classmate, Zahra Maarouf, a tool that enables the visually impared to use computers."

Ten Indian students leave for NASA

"The nine-day fully paid trip for the 42-member team involves visits to Washington DC, Indian Embassy, Washington Science Museum, Orlando Sea World, Kennedy Space Center and a full day trip to Disney World and New York. The students were excited as they would learn about NASA's diverse and exciting missions of research, exploration, and discovery."

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