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Editorial: A mission of hope, Ventura County Star

"The triumphant arrival of the Phoenix Mars Lander on Sunday was just such an event. It showed what can be accomplished when humans put aside their differences and work toward a common goal. It proved the spirit of exploration and the quest for knowledge remain strongly embedded traits in the human psyche."

Martians Must Have Noticed Why Didn't We?, opinion, Human Events

"Though the press essentially ignored it, this was a huge accomplishment. One would think that an American technological achievement of this magnitude would be seized upon by both the sitting administration in Washington and by all those now running to replace it."

Our Opinion: Lander's legacy: Young people looking skyward, Tucson Citizen

"The Phoenix program has spent $4 million on educational outreach. Thousands of Tucson-area students have visited the mission's operations center north of downtown. More hourlong tours are scheduled to begin Wednesdays starting June 11. Mars-related activities are planned for the Tucson Children's Museum and the UA Museum of Art. "I hope," says Phoenix's outreach manager, Carla Bitter, "we plant the seed and grow the enthusiasm of looking up and out."

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