Rep. Miller's Staff Seeks Space Bimbo Info

House Panel Second Guessing NASA's Zero-G Contract Award,

"Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.), chairman of the investigations and oversight subcommittee, sent two letters to NASA Administrator Mike Griffin April 15 requesting materials related to the Zero-G deal. Miller's first letter, according to sources familiar with the document, included multiple allegations disputed by Zero-G, among them that the company conducted a weightless flight for the makers of the "Girls Gone Wild" video series."

Editor's note: Miller's staff quickly sent a second letter without the false allegations in it. This "Girls Gone Wild" urban myth is really old news and was openly disavowed years ago. Indeed a simple phone call to ZeroG would have been all that that Miller's staff needed to do. The fact that Rep. Miller would allow such a sloppily unresearched letter to be sent as an offical request to NASA calls the credibilty of his own staff into question. I wonder of the staff bothered to get a copy of the actual weightless bimbo video and look at the credits .... What's next - requesting photos of the alien bodies stored in freezers at JSC?

Here's the internal memo ARC circulated to employees several weeks ago asking for information:TO: Resident Staff

FROM: Thomas W. Berndt, Chief Counsel/ Deborah Feng, Director (Acting), Strategic Communications

SUBJECT: Urgent Request for Zero-G related Documents

NASA Headquarters has requested that Ames personnel provide the following documents in response to an official House Science & Technology Committee inquiry:

(1) All records relating to research collaborations between NASA and Zero-G to be implemented at Ames Research Center;

(2) All records related to the use of Ames and Moffett Field by Zero-G for the company's non-governmental activities.

Because of the urgent nature of this request by Congress, we ask that all Ames employees with documents, as described above, to please forward hard paper copies no later than COB Monday, April 21 to Terence Pagaduan, Mail Stop 943-4.

Please contact Mr. Pagaduan at ext. 4-1181 if you have any questions.

Thank you for your assistance on this important matter.

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