Send your thoughts to the summit of Mt. Everest

Editor's note: The current thinking is that Scott Parazynski's summit window is centered on 22 May. Weather and human traffic are the main factors affecting Scott's progress to the summit.

Our original plan did not work out in terms of comms and updates we planned to do from from Base Camp. So ... here is the back up plan: post your comments below. If you simply want to wish Scott "good luck, best wishes, etc." post that and I will do a head count. If, however, you have something a bit more expansive to say - please post it. Please try and make it simple so that I can condense it down to something I can efficiently convey to Scott and that he can keep in his oxygen-starved brain. Longer comments will be left online for Scott to read when he gets back home.

Scott will be the first human to both fly in space and summit the highest peak on our planet. What does this mean in terms of personal determination and endurance? In terms of exploration and pushing frontiers? As a preview of things to come - and of risks to be taken - on other worlds?

We won't see a similar combination and alignment of first accomplishments again until someone summits the highest lunar peak - or Olympus Mons on Mars.

Send your thoughts to the summit of Mt. Everest. Give Scott something to think about. Be a part of this unique climb.

Further updates and fresh images from Mt. Everest at Everest On Orbit

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